Ukie Careers Bar at EGX Rezzed, London
In 2016, I attended the Ukie Careers Bar at EGX Rezzed as a Ukie Video Game Ambassador.

The School of Sound, London
In April 2015, I was a speaker at the renowned School of Sound International Symposium.

AES, London
In 2015, I was selected as keynote speaker for the AES 56th Conference on Audio for Games.  I presented Giving Your Game an Audio Identity.

Inspiring Women in the Arts, London
I was invited to take part in the Inspiring Women in the Arts event as part of the 2015 Inspiring Women campaign.

GDC, San Francisco
In 2015, I presented Getting Buy-In: How to Give Your Game Audio Style at the Game Developers Conference.  I was also selected to present in the GDC Flash Forward event.  In 2011, I delivered a lecture on the process of creating the ambience assets for God of War 3 entitled, Atmospheric Audio in God of War 3.  In 2009, I delivered a lecture on basic ambience theory and techniques entitled, Bringing Ambience To The Foreground: Enhancing Emotion Through Ambient Sound Design.

The Beat Beneath My Feet Q&A, London
On multiple occasions, I have hosted filmmaker Q&A sessions for screenings of BIFA nominated film The Beat Beneath My Feet.

EGX Conference, London
In 2014, I attended the EGX conference as a Video Game Ambassador (VGA) in association with Ukie and BAFTA Give Something Back.  I presented a lecture on A Career in Game Audio and was a participant in the Go 8-Bit Careers Panel.

SensoriaPro, Sheffield
In 2014, alongside game music composer Joe Thwaites and OMUK founder Mark Estdale, I participated in the SensoriaPro Sound Design for Games panel moderated by John Broomhall.

Develop Conference, Brighton
In 2013, alongside game music composer Jim Fowler, I delivered a lecture on how sound and music work together entitled, Sound and Music: Best Friends Forever – Communication and Influence for Better Results.